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GIPSY is a friendly boho clothing brand founded by Dawn Marie. Her fashion journey started as a model as a kid, a stylist as a young adult and now starting her very own clothing business -- a dream come true, indeed. Gipsy represents Dawn, a woman with a free spirit and an adventurous soul with a loving heart.

Our vision is to be the fashion destination for those who want to express themselves through stylish clothing without having to speak or compromise aesthetics.

We assist you in your quest to live the life you desire by removing the guesswork from the process. You'll find everything you need for yourself, your friends, and your kids in one convenient location with the best deals.

At Gipsy, it’s not just about the clothes and it never has been. We’re here to create a positive change through our brand for those who want to live an authentic life and raise as much awareness as we can in the process. A percentage of our sales is being donated to those who are suffering from mental illness, people who lost their homes, and the victims of California forest fires.

GIPSY, One of the world's largest online fashion apparel for all your designer clothing, retailers offer the latest in cutting-edge women's clothing styles and trends in boho modern designer fashion apparel. We aim to innovate, excite, and provide our customers ( You ) with a variety of the hottest looks at the hottest prices. our passion! is to help the homeless community and the mental health community and we are doing our part to save California from the fires that are happening each year. When you shop for your next outfit with us we donate a proportion of your purchase to help this community by saving the lives of wildlife and more. Shop for a cause when you shop with GIPSY because we all care.Disclaimer: the photos used on our website are used we have no copyrights to them including the ones on our homepage we only have the rights to are products photos all photos used on our homepage are bought or by photographers we use or promote. 

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