Sevich by GIPSY Hairline Powder Hair Concealer

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Style: White

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13 Color Suitable For Unisex - Use a powder puff to be able to let gray hair roots quickly regain vigor. Works for shaping hairline and enriching hairline
Easy To Carry - Pocket Package Package portable, Very suitable to put in the handbag, or backpack.
Quick Hair Color Up - With a mirror and powder puff, You can cover up your hair in 1 minute.
Temporary Hair Powder - Cover thin hairline works on all kinds of skin and colors of hair Made from beeswax and vegetable oil - Washes out easily with daily hair washing, Safe, Paraben, sulfate & peroxide free.
Easy To Use - Open the puff in the bottom and dipped in the amount of hair powder, along the hair line root dipped gently tap, and fill out the color of the neat hairline.
Color: Light coffee, Light brown, Brown, Med brown, Dark brown, Black, Grey
Net Weight: 4g
HOW To USE - Open small puff dipped in the right amount, along untidy hair root dipped gently tap, fill out the neat hairline. Or pat shadow powder from shallow to deep at the edge of the hairline, extending hair feeling. According to the individual situation select the color fill. All makeup and jewelry are nonrefundable