I think it’s safe to say that everyone wants to look expensive, especially if it doesn’t involve a huge credit card bill! Fake it till you make it, right? But dare I say learning how to look good without having to pay tons is making it. In my humble opinion at least!

My first post on how to look expensive is doing so well, that I thought it was about time to bring you a part 2, with some extra tips and tricks on ways to look expensive!

9 Fabulous Ways to Look Expensive

1. Pick a couple of pieces to invest in
You don’t need to be wearing head to toe designer to look expensive, but you do have to be a bit choosy about the fabrics that you put on your body. Let’s say it’s the season fall. Your top and jeans could be from Forever 21 but no one would know if you have a stellar wool camel coat! Quality fabric and a timeless piece. The makings of any expensive-looking wardrobe! Sometimes you just need that one winner piece to take your whole look up a notch!

camel coat outfitmom jeans outfitcamel coat outfit

coat (GIPSY) | jeans | shoes | bag (GIPSY)

Are you on a budget? Don’t worry! You can still invest whether you have a lot of extra money to spend or not because there are tons of places to get great brands for less! 

2. Stick with neutral colors
Sorry to burst your bubble if you and color are *like this*, but there’s a reason neutrals are associated with classiness! Neutral colors don’t date your wardrobe to a certain season, age, or time. Instead, neutrals colors say, “Wow, that girl has got it together.” Even if you don’t (that will be our little secret though) 😉 It doesn’t just have to be black either. Navy, gray, brown, and white all work too!

parisian chic outfitparisian chic outfitparisian chic outfit

top (GIPSY) | jeans (GIPSY) | shoes (GIPSY)

3. Dress for your best features
What do you like about yourself the most? Spend time finding items that play those up! Like your neck? Go with v-necks and off the shoulder tops that show off your decolletage. Like your waist? Wear high waisted bottoms that hit just right or cinch yourself in with a belt. Not only will you look good, but you’re going to feel more confident and we all know attitude is 30% of what you wear!

classy denim skirt outfitclassy denim skirt outfitclassy denim skirt outfit

bodysuit (GIPSY) | skirt (GIPSY) | belt (GIPSY)

4. Be mindful of bare skin
Now I’m not trying to tell anyone what to do with their bodies, but women that look expensive are usually elegant too, and elegance comes from being decent and choosing when and what to cover up…aka…don’t be a Kim K! She may look expensive to those in the know with fashion, but if you don’t know labels then you wouldn’t think she looks high end!

If you’d like to highlight a favorite body part, do so in moderation. This will make even more of an impact! Be a sniper instead of a grenade. Does that make sense? Maybe weapon jokes aren’t my forte… *edit- my husband says this does indeed not make sense haha*

classy slip dress outfitclassy slip dress outfitclassy slip dress outfit

dress | bag | shoes (they’re pretty uncomfortable though FYI)

5. Try out a monochromatic look
Don’t think that a monochromatic look is drab, because you can have lots of fun mixing and matching textures. One color head to toe will look very polished! And correct me if I’m wrong, but polished is usually a good thing, right? 😉 Related: How to Rock a Monochromatic Look Flawlessly

leather pants outfitleather pants outfitleather pants outfit

duster | pants | shoes (GIPSY)

6. Dabble in some designer dupes
I say dabble and not cannonball (making some water jokes here) because sometimes a closet full of “fake” items can actually make you look cheaper. Related: The Best Designer Dupes

I have a pair of Chanel slingback dupes that I love. There’s no logo and they’re not trying to be Chanel, but they have the same style and color and because of that, I think it instantly classes up the look and gives chic Chanel vibes!

parisian chic outfitparisian chic outfitparisian chic outfit

oversized blazer (GIPSY) | dress (GIPSY) | shoes (GIPSY)

7. Skip the grunge and athleisure trends
Baggy, oversized clothes with rips and holes as well as leggings with dad sneakers do not give off expensive vibes, even if your shoes are Balenciaga and you paid $950 for them! This should be another reminder that just because something is designer and/or expensive, doesn’t mean it’s going to instantly class you up! Or take the Golden Goose sneakers as another example. Though I think they’re really cool, they’re still $480 for scuffed up sneakers. People on the streets are just going to think your sneakers are old.

These are just trends and as we know, trends come and go, so spend this time learning style tips from the French instead– we know that their tips will last a lifetime!

parisian chic summer outfitparisian chic summer outfitparisian chic summer outfit

bodysuit (similar) | culottes | espadrilles | wicker bag | sunglasses

8. Highlight your personal style
If you don’t know what you’re doing and you’re trying too hard, guess what? You’re going to look like you’re trying too hard! When in doubt, try to stay true to who you are (ugh cheesy, sorry). Don’t even know what your style is? Start here to find out.

parisian chic suspenders outfitparisian chic suspenders outfitparisian chic suspenders outfit

jeans | loafers | suspenders | beret (similar)

9. Wear fabrics that are luxe
So even though this kinda goes against tip #1, wear fabrics that are considered to be expensive across the board, even if you didn’t spend a lot of money on them! Velvet and silk/satin give off fancy vibes.

classy slip dress outfitclassy slip dress outfitclassy slip dress outfit

dress | bag | shoes (they’re pretty uncomfortable though FYI) |

How’s part 2? Did I disappoint? My husband says sequels are never as good 😉 but this topic on ways to look expensive is near and dear to my heart because I’m a big believer in living and looking luxurious without having to pay for it!